Monday, June 2, 2014

SanDiaoLing Waterfalls Hike

One of three waterfalls at Sandiaoling, Taiwan

Taiwan's most unique feature is its mountainous terrain, which results in a multitude of waterfalls and cliffsides. These are beautiful look at, and great to fun to clamber around in. A classic hike is the Sandiaoling waterfall hike, featuring a riverside trek, natural stone climbs, and three waterfalls that are spine-tingling to look up at, let alone look down from.

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Cost and Time
Total: ~200NT, ~6 hours
- Train to Sandiaoling: ~100NT, ~1 hour
- Hike: 0NT, ~3-4 hours
- Train to Taipei: ~100NT, ~1 hour

The wait time for a train back to Taipei can be significant if you choose to hike to Dahua train station rather than back to Sandiaoling. 

What to Expect
- Intermediate dirt trails and steep stairs
- Extremely steep ladders / rope climbing
- Watefalls
- Steep cliffs, interesting geography
- Riverside hikes

- Take the train from Taipei Main Station to Sandiaoling station
- When you get off the train, walk south (to the right), keeping the river on your left side, ~5 min
- Cross the river, you will see a tunnel. ~1 min
- Follow the road south, keeping the river on your right side until you reach a small town ~15 min
- Cross the bridge in the town, going north
- There is a small elementary school in the northwest part of the village, up a hill. Past that is the path to SanDiaoLing waterfalls. Follow this trail and the posted signs.

Favorite Pics:

One of widest waterfalls at Sandiaoling, Taiwan
One of the waterfalls. There is a pool at the top of this. 
The pool at the top of the waterfall in Sandiaoling, Taiwan.
The pool at the top of the waterfall. There is a ~75 meter drop on the other side of this.

A part of the main river at Sandiaoling, Taiwan.
The river at Sandiaoling. 

The tallest of the Sandiaoling Waterfalls in Taiwan.
The tallest of the Sandiaoling waterfalls. 

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